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TILES 2022 by Casa Solutions Gekas

Focusing on the new trends in interior design and the upcoming changes of 2022, we see that the tiles will dominate as an option for renovation or upgrade, not just in bathroom and the kitchen but also in the living room and bedroom!

For the year 2022, the World Tile Exhibition, which took place in Bologna, Italy, proposes a trend towards the use of tiles where they are intended to give their mark in both home and work spaces. Oversized tiles are the ultimate trend to add a sense of luxury to the walls of the house.

For the coming year, whether you decide to follow the interior design trends or vice versa, these trends reflect the current social mood and are intended to evolve the current design styles, so they should always be taken into account when creating or upgrading a house. As it turns out from the last 2 years the way we used to live has completely changed. How we want to spend our time and the reason why we are at home has changed and this has affected every mood and purpose associated with home decoration. We could describe the decoration as a living organism. It is renewed and evolves with us, it influences and is influenced by our time and our needs and above all our personality. In this way our aesthetics are determined and consequently our choices in the decoration of our space. European interior decorators agree that there is a tendency towards sophistication with a style of calm and tones of relaxation. While the feeling of luxury remains important, we would like something that is just as affordable.

We want our space to have the feeling of large and comfortable, while at the same time we would like to increase the volume in the living room with a truly amazing design, where the materials and textures will be less formal and more eccentric. Choosing an explosion of colors, which are in contrast to the traditional brickwork, the intense tiles in glass look provide an impressive investment solution for modern exterior home ideas. Many practical benefits come with this stylistic use of tiles. It is a durable solution, requires minimal maintenance and offers an impressive lifespan of over 30 years. However, the key to choosing the right tiles is to choose the design you absolutely love! However, if you need ideas to start the renovation or you just want to give a touch of upgrade to your space, our following collection of new trends will offer you plenty of ideas.


The best interior design in the world

Happy perception of the maximalist tendency.

Designing with wallpaper became one of
the most common decorative trends
in 2021, and this trend will not
slows down soon! Instead of risking the use of delicate wallpaper, large patterned tiles let you go with this element of potential.
planning to the next level. The digitally printed granite tiles or glossy lacquer patterns as its background
home give the image of wallpaper but with a sense of luxury and solidity at the same time.

Wallpaper is often incorporated into homes to bring the seductive effect of character and color, increasing the overall interest of a space

Unlike common wallpapers, tiles can be placed in any room of the house without the risk of damage by water, humidity or heat. This way they can be placed near a sink, sink or fireplace.

The large tiles with wallpaper look quite high in the preferences
and found new ways to use them, such as covering entire walls or as a base
floor design element, based on personal expression.


Platinum, Steel, Iron, Rust and Coal

With a strong personality and unique realism, the color effects are similar to the colored oxide layers that come from exposure to corrosive agents, depending on the type of metal.

Are you looking for a way to add warmth with dynamic character to your space? Metallic tiles are the perfect choice for you. They give elegance at the same time with a rustic feeling in every room of the house. They can be used as an accent piece in specific points or as basic design elements, depending on the desired result. Metal tiles are available in a wide range of colors and textures. Choose tiles with warmer tones such as copper / gold, bronze / silver to give an extra sparkle touch. In a lighter tone such as Metallic White, it absorbs and reflects light to create a glowing and incandescent atmosphere.


GO WILD WITH THE NATURE Contrast - Intensity - Uniqueness

Colors and designs that pay tribute to Mother Nature.

The jungalow design movement refers to nature lovers and takes a strong position among the dominant trends in 2022. This focus on tiles with botanical elements such as leaves of exotic trees, impressive birds and daring flowers will allow you to walk on the wild side of absolute nature. of the jungle. Tiles with botanical patterns with strong designs, dedicated to the green of the leaves but also to the various colors of the flowers.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference in your home space by overcoming all the boundaries then this style is for you.

Natural Stone

Natural tones and calm

There are materials that resist all fashions and ages and there are surfaces that are always in fashion!

The stone slabs came here to stay. We are talking about tiles with a sense of beautiful and true stone texture that you will surely have seen in many homes. Stone is a natural and timeless material which has been in preference for many years. The tiles with stone texture can be used in a variety of ways thanks to the high availability
in textures and colors.


The tiles in mosaic continue to be a global trend of interior and exterior decoration thanks to the classic charm they have and their unique and peculiar designs. With each individual piece of tile consisting of a unique pattern, they offer a unique stylistic choice as floor and wall tiles. Create based on your own character and preferences by combining designs and colors.

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